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Cirencester Roman AmphitheatreThe panoramic view of the Roman Amphitheatre in Cirencester should begin to pan automatically. If it doesn't, use the mouse and left mouse button to pan manually.

N.B. The image is large and may take a while to download

The amphitheatre lay a short distance outside the South West defences of the Roman town of Corinium Dobunnorum and was built in the later part of the first century AD. The two curving mounds enclosed a central area for shows and entertainments. On these mounds planking and dry stone walls supported wooden seats for the spectators.
Taken from the sign erected by English Heritage at the site of the amphitheatre

The local name for the amphitheatre is the Bull Ring, a name thought to date back to its use in the 18th century for bull-baiting contests.

This is one of many panoramic views of Cirencester that will be added to over the coming weeks
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