Cirencester Streets

This is a project, started by Rob Wilson, to record some street scenes in Cirencester. The idea is to take a photograph of each scene at the same time (July) each year. Starting from 2003 onwards the photos provided by Rob have been manipulated by Commatic Limited using Adobe Photoshop to ensure that we bring you the best quality images that we can.

The project started in 2002 and we have also added the 2003 and 2004 images, please take a look again after July 2005!

If you have any comments, please email and we will pass them to Rob.

Here are the street scenes:

Black Jack Street
Castle St
Cricklade Street east
Cricklade Street west
Dyer Street north
Dyer Street south
London Road
Market Place
Park Lane
Park/Silver Street
Querns Lane
South Way/Forum
West Market Place