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Cirencester.co.uk - Ex Pats

Used to live in Cirencester?
Go to school here?
Lost touch with old friends?

This original Ex Pats page has been replaced, so if you're looking for someone who used to live in or around Cirencester, or someone you think still lives in the area, try posting a message in the Cirencester Facebook Group.


I am an ex-pat living in Suadi Arabia. I went to Deer Park School from 1977- 1984. Am trying to contact anybody from that era or to find information on that time from the school. Can anybody help

Steve Harvey, steveh@southcerney.com


I notice David Ford posted an entry on the expats page on 11/12/1998, he did not leave his email address. I also went to Oakley Hall 69-74 and remember him well. I'd like to get back in touch with him.

Tony Love, tony.love@cmgplc.com


I am trying to get in contact with a lost family member whom I believe is living in Cirencester. I am not at all sure that he will be on-line. Any help that you can give will be gratefully recieved. His name is Cyril Melia, and he is originally from Liverpool.

Phil, pgmelia@lineone.net


I was very pleased to discover your site as I am trying to trace my grandfather who I believe moved to Cirencester since the 1980s. His name is Abraham Reiner and I was wondering whether he might have some new family as well with that surname living there too. Please can anyone help me to track him or his family down (if any of you have a local telephone book, I'm in Italy!). Thank you, please do not hesitate to e-mail me any information whatsoever

Dominique Reiner, dominique.reiner@sothebys.com


Our Lady's Convent

Searching for old school friends who attended the convent in Cirencester around 1966 to 1972. Is there any one out there who remembers me, Brenda (nee Stagl). Would love to hear from Sarah (Foster Russell), Mad and Veronica Hamilton and the rest of the gang. I'm now living in Perth Australia.

Brenda reids@connect.comdek.net.au


My name is Mark Carpenter and I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I am currently conducting and genealogy and historical background search on my ancestors. My current search has only just begun and I am at an impass. The furthest that I am able to trace back ends at my grandfather, WILFRED C. CARPENTER who was born in Cirencester on June 14, 1885. This is about all I currently have on him. I know that he emmigrated to Canada at some point early in his life but I am unsure of exactly when and if it was as a young man with his parents or on his own. I know that he settled in Medicine Hat, Alberta and worked as a saddler until February 12, 1915, when he enlisted in the 3rd Canadian Mounted Rifles Division of the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force that fought in World War I. I know he survived the war and returned to Medicine Hat and at some point thereafter, he and his wife, FLORENCE ELLEN CARPENTER moved to Rockyford, Alberta where my father, WILFRED CORNELIUS CARPENTER was born in 1926. My father was the youngest child and the only boy of seven (possibly 8 . . . I can't exactly remember) children.

I have logged onto the Cirencester Home Page and was able to amass a great deal of information about the town, the county and its heritage and people. I am hopefully that someone who reads this may have access to historical records within the town and may be able to provide me with some more information, text and pictures, to continue my research on my grandfather, his family and our ancestors.

Thank you and I eagerly look forward to hearing from you. Mark C.S. Carpenter, mcarpntr@telusplanet.net


Trying to contact an old friend, Karen Pike (maiden name, may be married now). She left Deerpark school around 1989 and went to Plymouth university.

Please contact me with any information at MartinKButler@yahoo.co.uk.

Looking at the entries, there are a number with whom I would like to communicate. Is it possible to encourage people to leave an email address (o.k. I know it's a bit risky, but nothing ventured nothing gained) I was at CGS 1947-54 and would love to hear from those of the same "vintage". The CGS 1940s Association does a really great job, but there must be others who are not members. Anyway, my email is raysmith@csma-netlink.co.uk so let's see what happens.

Ray Smith, Wincanton, England

Looking for Harry Douthwaite. My Granfather (Harry) raised his family here until he was divorced in the 1950's. Anyone who remembers him, or knows what happened to him please contact me. Thankyou

Jacqueline Smith jsmith@telusplanet.net

Looking for Debbie Turle, I think she lived in Stroud. She has a daughter who is 10, called Caroline.

Odette Willians, odette_williams@hotmail.com

Looking for Harold (Lofty) Craig. This site is a nice way of visiting if a person can't go in person. Very informative. I would also like to use it to try to find someone I knew in the middle 50s. We called him "Lofty" which could have been his last name but I think it was really Craig. Harold "Lofty" Craig. His wife is named either Nora or Norma. He was stationed at RAF South Cerney Glos. between 1954-1956 in and we would meet in Cirencester at the Bishop Blaize. I would appreciate hearing from him or anyone who knows him either by e-mail froy@connriver.net or Post at PO Box 321 Hartford VT 05047-0321. Francis J. Roy
I am making a documentary about ex pats for BBC TV and would like to get in touch with users of this web site from around the globe

Sean Doherty,  Flat 4,  20 Porten Road, West Kensington. London. W14 0LZ

I went to the school at Oakley Hall School from 1969 to 1974 and wondered if it is on the internet anywhere ?

David Ford

Like previous entries, I have connections with Cirencester and would like to here from anyone that remembers me or my family. I lived in and around Cirencester until I was 13, went to North Cerney Primary School and Cirencester Deer Park, as it was then, up until I left for Scotland in 70/71. I was in Derby House and the Head of House was Mr Light. My name then was Liz Robertson and My brothers are John and Andrew.

Elizabeth Getty, East Kilbride. Email : getty@cableinet.co.uk
I have a friend who lives in Cirencester, and has for some time.  For several years he lived in Canada, Calgay Alberta to be specific. We were very close friends for quite a number of years, but we've since parted ways. His name is Paul Measor. I am hoping that by now he might be on the net. If you know of him, please pass it on.

Jason Bell : St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada Email : bcool@earthling.net

Good day, my name is Tomasz and I live in the Canadian province of Quebec. I would like to obtain an information, if it is possible. I am looking for a telephone number of a person. This person's name is Mandy Jane Bergess
My friends name is Sharon Pipe-Wolferstan. The last I heard she is a policewomen, and about to be married soon.

Kevin Conklin


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