Why overloaded bins cannot be collected

Residents are being reminded that Cotswold District Councils waste collection contractor - SITA UK will not empty overloaded grey (refuse) and green (garden waste) bins.

The policy was introduced as part of the waste service redesign in 2008, but having been made aware that some non-conforming bins may have been emptied recently, the Council has asked SITA UK officials to reinforce the message to their collectors not to empty any bins with unclosed lids. Additionally, collectors will not pick up black bags left by the side of bins (side waste) or resting on top of bins (known as ‘top hatting’).

The Cabinet Member for Environment and Communities, Councillor David Fowles, explained:

"It is a good time to remind residents about this policy because some residents appear to have forgotten it – and some have said that they were unaware of it - despite reminders that we have issued in the past. The Council’s waste collection policy has always stated that bins will not be emptied if the lids aren’t completely closed, and it also makes it clear that any additional waste placed on-top of the bin will not be collected. There are extremely practical reasons for what, at first, might appear to be such draconian measures. Quite simply, the bin lid must be closed to allow a collector to see the lifting equipment at the back of the collection vehicle. If this is obscured, there is a real risk that the bin won't attach properly and it could fall from the lifting equipment – this could seriously jeopardise the safety of the worker, and possibly even a member of the public passing by. We have a duty of care to SITA UK’s employees, and it is essential that we do not knowingly put them in the way of any harm."

He continued: "There are alternative ways of dealing with excess waste.  Residents can leave out side waste for collection provided it is placed in the Council’s regulation beige bags instead of black bags. Beige bags are available from our Trinity Road and Moreton Area Centre offices at £12.50 for 15 bags.  Additional recycling boxes, cardboard sacks and kitchen caddies  can also be collected free of charge from the Councils offices in Cirencester and the Moreton Area Centre to help residents reduce their waste and prevent overloading."

When SITA operatives encounter overloaded bins or non-regulation side waste, they place tags on offending loads to clarify why the collection has not been made and also provide advice and contact numbers to help householders address the problem.
Any queries should be directed to the waste hotline on 01285 623 123

Posted: 28/02/2012 00:17:28



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