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To add a business to the Cirencester Business Directory, please choose one of the following options and then fill out the form below. Alternatively, email your details to [email protected] stating whether you are interested in the Basic, Premium or Premium Plus entry.

Cirencester Business Directory Listing Options

Basic Entry - Starter Package - £60 + VAT per annum

The Basic entry costs £60 + VAT per annum. Your listing will consist of your business details and a website link (for you techies, this will be a "nofollow" link).

Premium Entry - More Impact - £99 + VAT per annum

For for £99 + VAT per annum, you can have an Premium entry in the Cirencester Business directory. For this, your Business Directory entry will include up to 4 photographs and up to 200 words giving details of your business/service. Your website link will be "followed" helping your search engine ranking.

Premium Plus Entry - Our Top Package - £145 + VAT per annum

Make your business stand out by choosing the Premium Plus option for just £145 + VAT per year. This gives you everything the Premium option offers, with the added advantage that your advert will also appear, in random rotation, on the front page of

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