Cirencester history. Cirencester has an historic past and was a very important town in Roman times - Cirencester History

Cirencester view. NEar to Cirencester Park

Cirencester, known as the "Capital Of The Cotswolds", is an historic Roman town in the heart of the Cotswolds with attractions from a Roman Ampitheatre to the nearby Chedworth Roman Villa. The Corinium Museum in an important source of information on the local history.

The Greek writer Ptolemy mentions Korinion in his Geography, written about AD 150, and it is agreed that the Romans based the name Corinium on a Celtic word Corn or Corin. This may derive from the name of the British tribe, the Cornovii, and in any case it is connected with the name of the River Churn.

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Cirencester has many fine examples of historic mosaics, including the one below which can be found near the Brewery Arts in the centre of Cirencester.

Replica mosaic in Cirencester
Mosaic sign in Cirencester

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