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Cirencester Opportunity Group, Beeches Road, Cirencester.

The Group provides pre-school education & support for children and their families. They take children with special needs & integrate them with other children which is unique in Cirencester.
The Group is a charity and one of the employees sons has launched a website
01285 659117
Ann Edwards Primary, South Cerney 01285 860335
Ashton Keynes Primary, Ashton Keynes 01285 861436
Chesterton Primary, Apsley Road, Cirencester 01285 654796
Cirencester County Infant, Victoria Road 01285 652001
Cirencester County Junior, Victoria Road 01285 653148
Deer Park Secondary, Stroud Road, Cirencester 01285 653447
Kemble County Primary, School Road, Kemble 01285 770303
Kingshill Secondary, Kingshill Lane, Cirencester 01285 651511
Paternoster Special School, Watermoor Road 01285 652480
Powells C.of E. Primary, Gloucester Street 01285 653799
Siddington C. of E. Primary, Coach Road, Siddington 01285 652866
Stratton C. of E. Primary, Thessaly Road, Stratton 01285 653431
Watermoor C. of E. Primary, Watermoor Road 01285 653817
Cirencester College, Fosse Way Campus, Stroud Road 01285 640994
Royal Agricultural College, Stroud Road, Cirencester 01285 652531


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